Isaac Blech

Isaac Blech has served as the Vice Chairman of Edge Therapeutics, Inc. since January of 2013. His current roles include Founder and Vice Chairman of Cerecor, Inc., a private company developing new treatments for central nervous system disorders and Director of ContraFect Corporation, a private company developing therapies for infectious diseases. Since 2011, he has served as Vice Chairman of Premier Alliance Group, a public company working in the areas of financial regulations, clean energy and cyber security, Vice Chairman of The SpendSmart Payments Company, a mobile marketing and payments company and Director of Medgenics, Inc. a public company on the American Stock Exchange which has a new proprietary technology for providing protein therapies to patients with a wide range of illnesses. He is also Vice Chairman of Centrexion Corporation, a private company developing new modalities of pain control and Vice Chairman of RestorGenex Corporation, a public company developing products in the areas of dermatology and restorative medicine.
Over the past 33 years, Mr. Blech has founded some of the leading biotechnology companies including Celgene Corporation, ICOS Corporation, Pathogenesis Corporation, Nova Pharmaceutical Corporation and Genetic Systems Corporation. These companies are responsible for major advances in oncology, infectious disease and cystic fibrosis.
Mr. Blech holds a B.A. from Baruch College.